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5 Awesome Accessories For CPAP Machines

People who suffer from sleep apnea often go for years without aid before they realize they have a problem. So, by the time a person tries his or her CPAP machine for the first time and finally gets a good night of rest after years of struggling, it feels like a revelation. CPAP machines help over eight million Americans sleep comfortably and safely. But what if your machine could work even better? Here are five CPAP accessories that might improve your CPAP experience.  

Mask Liners

While most CPAP users love their machines and would never want to go back to sleeping without them, that doesn't mean that it's the most comfortable device to wear on your face while you're trying to sleep. Fortunately, there are ways to make it more comfortable, particularly with mask liners. Mask liners slip into the mask to help reduce skin irritation and possible skin infection caused by skin rubbing against hard synthetic materials. It also helps create a tighter seal for better air pressure so no air is lost and sleep isn't interrupted.  

Beard Seal Gel

Another great option for CPAP users with beards is beard seal gel. Bearded users have been typically restricted to using nasal ventilator masks or shaving their beards because facial hair can cause difficulties in creating a tight seal for proper airflow without leaks. Beard seal gel helps create a tight seal between full CPAP masks and bearded faces.  

Waterless Humidifier Inserts

One common complaint about CPAP masks among users is that the airflow can dry out nasal passages and sinuses resulting in discomfort and dry skin. A waterless humidifier insert can be slipped in between the mask the vent to improve moisture. It does this by using a thin heat and moisture exchanger to capture the heat and moisture from exhalation and release it back to users when they inhale.  

CPAP Pillows

CPAP machines help improve sleep and rest substantially but no one can deny that the masks and the machines are bulky and obtrusive. Regular pillows don't often work well with the shape and bulk of the machine's face mask. Fortunately, there are CPAP-specific pillows available, often made of memory foam, designed to fit around the shape of the mask to effectively cushion the wearers masked face and head during sleep.  

Muffler Kit

Although CPAP machines help reduce and sometimes eliminate the noise of a chronic snorer, it sometimes just replaces snoring with the noise of the machine. Users or partners of users that are sensitive to nighttime noise can benefit from a muffler kit. The muffler is a small plastic cylinder filled with baffling material that can be fitted onto the hose between the mask and the machine to reduce machine noise.