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Lift Chair Investments: What To Consider Before Buying

Whether you're trying to accommodate an aging loved one or a family member with a mobility problem, you may find that the medical care staff recommends that you invest in a lift chair. These chairs are designed to help those sitting in the chair to be able to get out of the chair more easily. Here's a look at some of the things that you should consider when you're trying to choose a lift chair for your home.

How Much Movement Do You Need?

Lift chairs come with a few different stages of movement. Before you can get the right lift chair for your family's needs, you need to determine how much movement you'll actually need. For example, a two-position lift chair offers the typical recliner-chair positioning as well as the upright position needed to help someone move from a sitting position to standing.

A three-position lift chair offers you the same positions as a two-position lift chair, but it also offers the opportunity for a deep reclining position that can elevate the feet and allow you to rest comfortably in the chair.

Finally, an infinite position chair provides a broad range of motion, including foot elevation, positioning the body in a head-down position, and more. If you're in need of greater versatility with the lift chair, you should consider an infinite position chair.

What Kind Of Fit Are You Looking For?

Another factor that you need to consider is what type of fit you're looking for from your lift chair. For example, if you're looking for a chair for someone who is of shorter stature, a large chair may pose unique challenges. You need to be sure that you consider the user's height and body structure to ensure that they will fit the chair well.

The other aspect of the fit that you need to think about is the structure of the chair in terms of weight capacity. If you're buying a lift chair for someone with a large body structure, you need to be sure of the weight capacity of the chair. Certain chairs will be built to support heavier individuals, so make sure you choose one if it is necessary for your needs.

What Other Features Might You Need?

Although most people think of the lift chair investment as an investment solely for the mobility benefits, there are other features that you can think about as well. If you're buying the chair for someone with general mobility issues, chronic diseases, or any other problems, you should look for a lift chair that incorporates heat throughout the chair or even massage capability. Think about any additional features that would be beneficial in your situation and choose your chair accordingly.

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