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The Advantages Found With Switching To A Digital X-Ray Machine

For decades, traditional x-rays have been one of the hallmarks of modern medicine. However, technology now allows for a different way to scan people's bodies and diagnose injuries and illnesses. Doctors now have the option of using digital technology instead of traditional x-rays.

However, before you make the switch, you may wonder about the advantages that come with this new innovation. A digital x-ray machine can provide a number of benefits for your patients and your medical facility.

Improved Efficiency

A digital x-ray machine is designed to be more efficient for radiology doctors to use to diagnose and treat patients. Regular x-ray machines require a fair amount of preparation. Patients often must be outfitted with lead vests or blankets to protect them during their scans.

However, digital technology makes getting x-rays faster and easier. Patients may require less preparation and instead can simply have their bodies scanned without the precautions required for traditional x-rays. 

Further, a digital x-ray machine can typically provide images more quickly. Doctors can get images that they need to find out what is wrong with a patient and then use that image to determine how to treat them.


A digital x-ray machine can also save patients and healthcare facilities money. To start, they typically do not cost as much money as larger and more in-depth traditional x-ray machines. A healthcare facility can save money on buying the technology needed to take x-rays for patients.

Further, the images that it produces can cost patients less money. Regular x-rays can cost hundreds of dollars. However, a digital scan may cost a fraction of that price. Patients who must pay out-of-pocket expenses or meet a deductible first can appreciate the lower pricing that comes with a digital x-ray machine.

Safer Images

Finally, digital technology does not pose the same level of risk found with traditional x-rays. Patients are exposed to less radiation. There is less of a chance of them suffering dire side effects that come with radiation exposure, such as loss of fertility or damage to an unborn baby.

Digital x-rays are also safe for children to undergo. Parents can subject their children to it without the worry that they could get sick from radiation exposure.

A digital x-ray machine can offer a number of benefits to a medical facility and its patients. It offers faster images, is lower in cost, and is safer for patient use.

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