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Do You Need A New Cloud Software Solution For Your Medical Sales Company? What To Know

 If your medical sales office has a lot of problems with managing calls around the office and getting their sales into a system to track sales, it may be time to look for a new system. This means a system that they can use when they are in the office or traveling on the road, and that is reliable.

Not only will new software help the professionals that work for you, but it will also help you manage everything from daily phone calls to payroll. Here are a few of the things that you want to consider when shopping for the best software.

Get the Best Software for Office and Accounting Needs

You want the best software that is available to help you run your office more efficiently, while integrating your sales professionals needs while on the road. This means software solutions like Netsuite with the following for in office and remote sales:

  • Caller ID
  • Agent reporting
  • Phone recording
  • Conference call hosting
  • Employee directory options
  • Call forward and transferring options

Not only should the software work for all your digital phone needs, but also work with an accounting options as well for:

  • Sales tracking
  • Income monitoring
  • Order information
  • Quota and goal monitoring

You want to be able to check who is making the most calls, who has the most sales, and what your payroll will look like for the week.

Train Everyone Properly  

It's imperative to have everyone trained properly if you are upgrading your business to use a high-quality digital cloud sharing solution. You may want to have the managers and employees sit through a training meeting if possible. If not, be sure to have all complete a training option through the software to make the integration and transition smooth, and to minimize the amount of errors and flaws during the change.

Having the right software for your staff to use can be the difference between you being clueless about what sales members are putting in the effort needed to keep the company going, and you being able to reward those who are making the most calls, spending the most time on the phone and recording the most sales. With a Netsuite integration, you will be able to monitor what your staff are doing away from the office and when they are on the go working, and you will be able to push to make your business better and more efficient.