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Seven Safety Mistakes To Avoid When You Start Using A Mobility Scooter

You need to focus on safety when you're first starting to use a mobility scooter. Mobility scooter use can entail safety hazards if these scooters are not used carefully and properly. The following are seven safety mistakes to be aware of and avoid when you begin using a mobility scooter to get around. 

Failing to notify venues and other places you visit ahead of time

Some public facilities and private venues are equipped to accommodate those using a mobility scooter. However, not all are. If you're going to be attending an event, it's a good idea to call the location ahead of time and ask them about their ability to accommodate guests in mobility scooters. This way, they can make necessary adjustments to prepare in advance and accommodate you more safely. 

Neglecting to read through the manual

A lot of scooter users make the mistake of not familiarizing themselves enough with their scooter's operations before using their scooter. You should take the time to thoroughly understand the operations of your mobility scooter by reading through the owner's manual. Make sure you know how to carry out all key maneuvers such as reversing, turning, and adjusting the seat of your scooter to ensure comfort. 

Riding too fast

Accidents often happen in mobility scooters when users are in a hurry and start moving too quickly. Just because you can move at a certain speed doesn't mean that you should. Take it slow to avoid losing control and increasing your chances of experiencing accidents.

Continuing to use a malfunctioning mobility scooter

You should stop using your mobility scooter immediately if it starts malfunctioning. Don't use your scooter again until any malfunction has been corrected to ensure safety. 

Not having a bell or horn installed

It's a good idea to have some sort of bell or alert device installed to raise alarm when you need to alert someone around you of your presence. 

Using your cell phone while on your scooter

Safety considerations that are important when driving a vehicle are often also important when it comes to mobility scooter operation. One prime example is cell phone use. You don't want to be using a cell phone when you're driving your mobility scooter. This will create a distraction that increases your chances of experiencing a collision. 

Not keeping up with routine maintenance

Even if your mobility scooter is operating properly, you should still have it serviced on an annual basis. Have your scooter checked by a technician to make sure that it is not developing any malfunctions. Routine maintenance doesn't just keep you safe but also maximizes the lifespan of your scooter. 

If you have further questions, contact a mobility scooter supplier.